``rr: Statistical Methods for the Randomized Response Technique.''



rr is an R package that enables researchers to conduct multivariate statistical analyses of survey data with randomized response technique items from several designs, including mirrored question, forced question, and unrelated question. This includes regression with the randomized response as the outcome and logistic regression with the randomized response item as a predictor. In addition, tools for conducting power analysis for designing randomized response items are included. The package implements methods described in Blair, Imai, and Zhou (2015) ``Design and Analysis of the Randomized Response Technique.''

  Source Code

The source code and the documentation are available for download from The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) and the GitHub repository.


Regardless of one's operating system, the software can be installed by typing the following command at R prompt:

> install.packages("rr")

This will install the latest version from CRAN.

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