Research on Design and Analysis of Randomized Experiments and Program Evaluation



Randomization of treatment assignment is one of the most powerful tools for the development of modern science. The fields of political science and public policy, which had been long dominated by observational studies, have also begun to witness growing use of experimental studies. Similarly, in public policy, a greater demand for accountability and evidence-based policy-making has led to the use of experiments for program evaluations.

Although one may think statistical analysis of randomized experiments is straightforward, this is not usually the case in social science randomized experiments where experimental subjects are human beings. Many complications occur especially when experiments are conducted in the field. In this project, we develop statistical methods for addressing these complications that commonly occur in randomized experiments and program evaluation. In particular, (1) we show that Fisher's randomization inference can be applied to natural experiments when the randomization of treatment assignment may use a complex scheme, (2) we develop statistical methods for dealing with noncompliance, nonresponse, and measurement error problems, (4) we develop statistical methods for identifying and estimating heterogenous treatment effects and interaction effects, and (5) we develop methods for estimating spillover and contagion effects.

  Manuscripts and Publications

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  Statistical Software

Imai, Kosuke. ``experiment: R Package for Designing and Analyzing Randomized Experiments.'' available through The Comprehensive R Archive Network. 2007.
Egami, Naoki, Marc Ratkovic, and Kosuke Imai. ``FintIt: R Package for Finding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects.'' available through The Comprehensive R Archive Network. 2012-2015.


National Science Foundation, (2008-2009). ``New Statistical Methods for Randomized Experiments in Political Science and Public Policy,'' (Political Science Program; SES-0752050).

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